Renku CLI Plugins


renku-mls is a plugin for machine learning models. Using Renku MLS one can expose the machine learning models used in Renku projects (e.g. hyper-parameters and evaluation metrics). It currently supports tracking metadata for scikit-learn, keras and xgboost. It adds custom metadata to the metadata tracked in renku workflows about models used, hyper-parameters and metrics and adds a renku mls leaderboard command to the renku CLI that allows comparing different executions of your data science pipeline.

Documentation Example Project


renku-graph-vis is a plugin that provides a graphical representation of the renku repository’s knowledge graph. In particular, the plugin enables an interactive graph visualization feature for real-time monitoring during a renku session introducing the ability to have a live overview of the ongoing development. It also provides two CLI commands:

  • display to generate a representation of the graph over a png output image

  • show-graph to start an interactive visualization of the graph over the browser


renku-aqs-annotation is a plugin that intercepts several key astroquery methods and stores a number of dedicated annotations containing information about the calls to these methods (like the arguments used in the call) to the project’s Knowledge Graph.

Developing a plugin?

For more information on developing a plugin, please refer to Plugin Support.

If you are working on a Renku plugin and would like to have it listed here, please create a pull request modifying this document in the renku-python repository.