Model objects representing projects.

class renku.core.models.projects.Project(name=None, created=NOTHING, version='7', agent_version='pre-0.11.0', *, client=None, creator=None, id=None)[source]

Represent a project.

Method generated by attrs for class Project.


Create JSON-LD.

classmethod from_jsonld(data, client=None)[source]

Create an instance from JSON-LD data.

classmethod from_yaml(path, client=None)[source]

Return an instance from a YAML file.


Return the id for the project.


Write an instance to the referenced YAML file.

class renku.core.models.projects.ProjectCollection(client=None)[source]

Represent projects on the server.


Create a project and check its name.

# >>> project = client.projects.create(name=’test-project’) # >>> # ‘test-project’

Create a representation of objects on the server.

class Meta[source]

Information about individual projects.


alias of Project

create(name=None, **kwargs)[source]

Create a new project.

Parameters:name – The name of the project.
Returns:An instance of the newly create project.
Return type:renku.core.models.projects.Project
class renku.core.models.projects.ProjectSchema(*args, commit=None, client=None, **kwargs)[source]

Project Schema.

Create an instance.

class Meta[source]

Meta class.


alias of Project

fix_datetimes(obj, many=False, **kwargs)[source]

Pre dump hook.

renku.core.models.projects.generate_project_id(client, name, creator)[source]

Return the id for the project based on the repo origin remote.