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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright 2018-2020 - Swiss Data Science Center (SDSC)
# A partnership between École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and
# Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich (ETHZ).
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
"""Client for handling a local repository."""
import os
import shutil
import subprocess
import uuid
from collections import defaultdict
from contextlib import contextmanager
from subprocess import check_output

import attr
import filelock
import yaml
from jinja2 import Template
from werkzeug.utils import cached_property, secure_filename

from renku.core import errors
from renku.core.compat import Path
from import RENKU_HOME
from renku.core.models.locals import with_reference
from renku.core.models.projects import Project
from renku.core.models.refs import LinkReference

from .git import GitCore


[docs]def default_path(): """Return default repository path.""" from git import InvalidGitRepositoryError from renku.core.commands.git import get_git_home try: return get_git_home() except InvalidGitRepositoryError: return "."
[docs]def path_converter(path): """Converter for path in PathMixin.""" return Path(path).resolve()
[docs]@attr.s class PathMixin: """Define a default path attribute.""" path = attr.ib(default=default_path, converter=path_converter,) @path.validator def _check_path(self, _, value): """Check the path exists and it is a directory.""" if not (value.exists() and value.is_dir()): raise ValueError("Define an existing directory.")
[docs]@attr.s class RepositoryApiMixin(GitCore): """Client for handling a local repository.""" renku_home = attr.ib(default=RENKU_HOME) """Define a name of the Renku folder (default: ``.renku``).""" renku_path = attr.ib(init=False) """Store a ``Path`` instance of the Renku folder.""" parent = attr.ib(default=None) """Store a pointer to the parent repository.""" data_dir = attr.ib( default=DEFAULT_DATA_DIR, kw_only=True, converter=lambda value: str(value) if value else DEFAULT_DATA_DIR ) """Define a name of the folder for storing datasets.""" METADATA = "metadata.yml" """Default name of Renku config file.""" LOCK_SUFFIX = ".lock" """Default suffix for Renku lock file.""" WORKFLOW = "workflow" """Directory for storing workflow in Renku.""" ACTIVITY_INDEX = "activity_index.yaml" """Caches activities that generated a path.""" RENKU_PROTECTED_PATHS = [ "\\.renku/.*", "Dockerfile", "\\.dockerignore", "\\.gitignore", "\\.gitattributes", "\\.gitlab-ci\\.yml", "environment\\.yml", "requirements\\.txt", ] _commit_activity_cache = {} _activity_index = None _remote_cache = {} def __attrs_post_init__(self): """Initialize computed attributes.""" #: Configure Renku path. path = Path(self.renku_home) if not path.is_absolute(): path = self.path / path path.relative_to(path) self.renku_path = path data_dir = self.get_value("renku", self.DATA_DIR_CONFIG_KEY, local_only=True) self.data_dir = data_dir or self.data_dir self._subclients = {} self._project = None super().__attrs_post_init__() # initialize submodules if self.repo: try: check_output(["git", "submodule", "update", "--init", "--recursive"], cwd=str(self.path)) except subprocess.CalledProcessError: pass @property def latest_agent(self): """Returns latest agent version used in the repository.""" return self.project.agent_version @property def lock(self): """Create a Renku config lock.""" return filelock.FileLock(str(self.renku_path.with_suffix(self.LOCK_SUFFIX)), timeout=0,) @property def renku_metadata_path(self): """Return a ``Path`` instance of Renku metadata file.""" return self.renku_path.joinpath(self.METADATA) @property def workflow_path(self): """Return a ``Path`` instance of the workflow folder.""" return self.renku_path / self.WORKFLOW @property def activity_index_path(self): """Path to the activity filepath cache.""" return self.renku_path / self.ACTIVITY_INDEX
[docs] @cached_property def cwl_prefix(self): """Return a CWL prefix.""" self.workflow_path.mkdir(parents=True, exist_ok=True) # for Python 3.5 return str(self.workflow_path.resolve().relative_to(self.path))
@property def project(self): """Return the Project instance.""" if self.renku_metadata_path.exists() and self._project is None: self._project = Project.from_yaml(self.renku_metadata_path, client=self) return self._project @property def remote(self, remote_name="origin"): """Return host, owner and name of the remote if it exists.""" from renku.core.models.git import GitURL original_remote_name = remote_name if original_remote_name in self._remote_cache: return self._remote_cache[original_remote_name] host = owner = name = None try: remote_branch = self.repo.head.reference.tracking_branch() if remote_branch is not None: remote_name = remote_branch.remote_name except TypeError: pass try: url = GitURL.parse(self.repo.remotes[remote_name].url) # Remove gitlab. unless running on hostname_parts = url.hostname.split(".") if len(hostname_parts) > 2 and hostname_parts[0] == "gitlab": hostname_parts = hostname_parts[1:] url = attr.evolve(url, hostname=".".join(hostname_parts)) except IndexError: url = None if url: host = url.hostname owner = url.owner name = remote = {"host": host, "owner": owner, "name": name} self._remote_cache[original_remote_name] = remote return remote
[docs] def is_project_set(self): """Return if project is set for the client.""" return self._project is not None
[docs] def process_commit(self, commit=None, path=None): """Build an :class:`~renku.core.models.provenance.activities.Activity`. :param commit: Commit to process. (default: ``HEAD``) :param path: Process a specific CWL file. """ from renku.core.models.provenance.activities import Activity commit = commit or self.repo.head.commit if len(commit.parents) > 1: return Activity(commit=commit, client=self) if path is None: for file_ in commit.stats.files.keys(): # Find a process (CommandLineTool or Workflow) if self.is_workflow(file_): if path is not None: # Regular activity since it edits multiple CWL files return Activity(commit=commit, client=self) path = file_ if not path: # search for activities a file could have been a part of activities = self.activities_for_paths(commit.stats.files.keys(), file_commit=commit, revision="HEAD") if len(activities) > 1: raise errors.CommitProcessingError( "Found multiple activities that produced the same entity at commit {}".format(commit) ) if activities: return activities[0] else: data = (commit.tree / path) process = Activity.from_jsonld(yaml.safe_load(data), client=self, commit=commit) return process return Activity(commit=commit, client=self)
[docs] def is_workflow(self, path): """Check if the path is a valid CWL file.""" return path.startswith(self.cwl_prefix) and path.endswith(".yaml")
[docs] def find_previous_commit(self, paths, revision="HEAD", return_first=False, full=False): """Return a previous commit for a given path starting from ``revision``. :param revision: revision to start from, defaults to ``HEAD`` :param return_first: show the first commit in the history :param full: return full history :raises KeyError: if path is not present in the given commit """ kwargs = {} if full: kwargs["full_history"] = True if return_first: file_commits = list(self.repo.iter_commits(revision, paths=paths, **kwargs)) else: file_commits = list(self.repo.iter_commits(revision, paths=paths, max_count=1, **kwargs)) if not file_commits: raise KeyError("Could not find a file {0} in range {1}".format(paths, revision)) return file_commits[-1 if return_first else 0]
[docs] @cached_property def workflow_names(self): """Return index of workflow names.""" names = defaultdict(list) for ref in LinkReference.iter_items(self, common_path="workflows"): names[str(ref.reference.relative_to(self.path))].append( return names
[docs] @cached_property def submodules(self): """Return list of submodules it belongs to.""" if self.parent: client, submodule = self.parent return client.submodules + [] return []
[docs] def subclients(self, parent_commit): """Return mapping from submodule to client.""" if parent_commit in self._subclients: return self._subclients[parent_commit] try: from git import Submodule submodules = [submodule for submodule in Submodule.iter_items(self.repo, parent_commit=parent_commit)] except (RuntimeError, ValueError): # There are no submodules associated with the given commit. submodules = [] subclients = {} for submodule in submodules: subpath = (self.path / submodule.path).resolve() is_renku = subpath / Path(self.renku_home) if subpath.exists() and is_renku.exists(): subclients[submodule] = self.__class__(path=subpath, parent=(self, submodule),) return subclients
[docs] def resolve_in_submodules(self, commit, path): """Resolve filename in submodules.""" original_path = self.path / path in_vendor = str(path).startswith(".renku/vendors") if original_path.is_symlink() or in_vendor: original_path = Path(os.path.realpath(os.path.abspath(str(original_path)))) for submodule, subclient in self.subclients(commit).items(): if (Path(submodule.path) / Path(".git")).exists(): try: subpath = original_path.relative_to(subclient.path) return ( subclient, subclient.find_previous_commit(subpath, revision=submodule.hexsha), subpath, ) except ValueError: pass return self, commit, path
[docs] @contextmanager def with_commit(self, commit): """Yield the state of the repo at a specific commit.""" current_branch = None current_commit = None try: current_branch = self.repo.active_branch except TypeError as e: # not on a branch, detached head if "HEAD is a detached" in str(e): current_commit = self.repo.head.commit else: raise ValueError("Couldn't get active branch or commit", e) self.repo.git.checkout(commit) try: yield finally: if current_branch: self.repo.git.checkout(current_branch) elif current_commit: self.repo.git.checkout(current_commit)
[docs] @contextmanager def with_metadata(self, read_only=False, name=None): """Yield an editable metadata object.""" metadata_path = self.renku_metadata_path if metadata_path.exists(): metadata = Project.from_yaml(metadata_path, client=self) else: metadata = Project(name=name, client=self) metadata.__reference__ = metadata_path yield metadata if not read_only: metadata.to_yaml()
[docs] @contextmanager def with_workflow_storage(self): """Yield a workflow storage.""" from renku.core.models.cwl.workflow import Workflow workflow = Workflow() yield workflow for step in workflow.steps: step_name = "{0}_{1}.yaml".format(uuid.uuid4().hex, secure_filename("_".join(,) workflow_path = self.workflow_path if not workflow_path.exists(): workflow_path.mkdir() path = workflow_path / step_name with with_reference(path): run =, commit=self.repo.head.commit, path=path,) run.to_yaml() self.add_to_activity_index(run)
[docs] def init_repository(self, force=False, user=None): """Initialize an empty Renku repository.""" from git import Repo from renku.core.models.provenance.agents import Person # verify if folder is empty if self.repo is not None and not force: raise errors.InvalidFileOperation( "Folder {0} already contains file. Use --force to overwrite".format(self.repo.git_dir) ) # initialize repo and set user data path = self.path.absolute() self.repo = Repo.init(str(path)) if user: config_writer = self.repo.config_writer() for key, value in user.items(): config_writer.set_value("user", key, value) config_writer.release() # verify if author information is available Person.from_git(self.repo)
@property def path_activity_cache(self): """Cache of all activities and their generated paths.""" # TODO: this is there for performance reasons. Remove once graph # is stored as a flat, append-only list (Should be graph query # in the future) if self._activity_index: return self._activity_index path = self.activity_index_path if path.exists(): with"r") as stream: self._activity_index = yaml.safe_load(stream) else: self._activity_index = {} return self._activity_index
[docs] def add_to_activity_index(self, activity): """Add an activity and it's generations to the cache.""" for g in activity.generated: if g.path not in self.path_activity_cache: self.path_activity_cache[g.path] = {} hexsha = g.commit.hexsha if hexsha not in self.path_activity_cache[g.path]: self.path_activity_cache[g.path][hexsha] = [] if activity.path in self.path_activity_cache[g.path][hexsha]: continue self.path_activity_cache[g.path][g.commit.hexsha].append(activity.path) if self.path_activity_cache: with"w") as stream: yaml.dump(self.path_activity_cache, stream)
[docs] def activities_for_paths(self, paths, file_commit=None, revision="HEAD"): """Get all activities involving a path.""" from renku.core.models.provenance.activities import Activity result = set() for p in paths: if p not in self.path_activity_cache: parent_paths = [a for a in self.path_activity_cache.keys() if p.startswith(a)] if not parent_paths: continue matching_activities = [ a for k, v in self.path_activity_cache.items() for ck, cv in v.items() for a in cv if k in parent_paths and (not file_commit or ck == file_commit.hexsha) ] else: matching = self.path_activity_cache[p] if file_commit: if file_commit.hexsha not in matching: continue matching_activities = matching[file_commit.hexsha] else: matching_activities = [a for v in matching.values() for a in v] for a in matching_activities: if (a, revision) in self._commit_activity_cache: activity = self._commit_activity_cache[(a, revision)] else: try: commit = self.find_previous_commit(a, revision=revision) except KeyError: continue activity = Activity.from_yaml(self.path / a, client=self, commit=commit) self._commit_activity_cache[(a, revision)] = activity result.add(activity) return list(result)
[docs] def import_from_template(self, template_path, metadata, force=False): """Render template files from a template directory.""" for file in template_path.glob("**/*"): destination = self.path / file.relative_to(template_path) try: # TODO: notify about the expected variables - code stub: # with as fr: # file_content = # # look for the required keys # env = Environment() # parsed = env.parse(file_content) # variables = meta.find_undeclared_variables(parsed) # parse file and process it template = Template(file.read_text()) rendered_content = template.render(metadata) destination = Path(Template(str(destination)).render(metadata)) destination.write_text(rendered_content) except IsADirectoryError: destination.mkdir(parents=True, exist_ok=True) except TypeError: shutil.copy(file, destination)