Shell integration of Renku CLIΒΆ

Renku CLI supports shell auto-completion for Renku commands and their arguments like datasets and workflows.

A convenience method is available for printing to the standard output the shell completion command for the currently used shell:

$ renku env --shell-completion
_RENKU_COMPLETE=zsh_source renku

To activate tab completion for your supported shell run the following command after installing Renku CLI:

$ eval "$(_RENKU_COMPLETE=bash_source renku)"

After this not only sub-commands of renku will be auto-completed using tab, but for example in case of renku workflow execute the available Plans are going to be listed.

$ renku workflow execute run<TAB>
run1   run10  run11  run12  run13  run14  run2   run3   run4   run7   run8


Tab completion of available Plans (or Datasets) only works if the user is executing the command within a Renku project.

For more information on how to set up shell auto-completion, see documentation for the Click library, which used under the hood by Renku CLI: shell completion